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Kemco games are all amazing, there has not been one I havent liked yet. However, Kemco! Stop jacking the prices up! The games use to be on sell for .99 and now they are only half off. They arent worth the more expensive prices.

Dont waste your time!

Very short and very boring game. Reached the final boss after only about 3 and a half hours of play with absolutely no pay off. Seems to be a Kemco pattern having all towns and dungeons look the same as well. Thought I was getting a bargain at 3.99 but instead felt more like a rip off.

One of the best rpgs ever!

This is one of the best rpgs I have ever played. The music the storyline its great! :) Thanks Kemco!

Flatlined after Rednaught

After you meet the bad guy for the 1st time, Rednaught, Bonds of the skies becomes completely worthless. The characters dialogue becomes subpar, such as Avi feeling jealous of Eils sister and insecure despite the fact her art lacks the sunburns and battle scars that she mentions. I gave up when the mayor allows me to go to a forest but the guardian of the forest says I cant enter until I become a citizen of that town when the mayor gave me permission. This runaround is due to crippled writing. Lastly, the battle system gets outdated fast; moving for more damage isnt going to mean anything when you get 3 characters and enemies when you get your ship have too much health. You also still can only buy aid jellies to heal 500 hp when your characters have 2000 hp; I will let the reader decide which one of these flaws is most insulting.

Enjoyed it

After I completely beaten the game, Id like to say I enjoyed it a lot. I do wish a certain relationship aspect wouldve been incorporated more, but the game is great. Its too easy at times, but once again, I enjoyed myself and I look forward to the next games.

Fantastic SNES-style RPG

Terrific game, start to finish - but I am wondering what the "Key to the Masters Room" is used for? I beat the game, all the way through Lumina, and - still havent found that room...? Anyway, please keep the old-school RPGs coming, Kemco! Ill keep giving you my money... :)


Great game, but what is the key to the masters room used for. I cant find where or how to use it and I beat the game from start to finish as far as I can tell.

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